20: Christmas Monsters and The Monster’s Christmas

Happy Halloween my hoilgay elves!! We’re back with a frightfully fun episode! Join us as we learn about another of Santa’s scarier helpers, Mrs. Claus has a Batty-ful treat, Ned’s got some tricky candies, Mrs. Nesbitt talks about the book “My First Time with a Gay Vampire“, and we find out if “The Monster’s Christmas” is a Classic or Not Classic Christmas special! Remember our show is not for younger listeners, we use some language that will clearly get us put on the naughty list.

Show links:

The Monster’s Christmas – https://youtu.be/Nu8SacTNbV8

Ned’s Items:

Fried Chicken Candy –https://www.offthewagonshop.com/collections/candy-gifts/products/fried-chicken-candy

Vegetable Candies – https://www.offthewagonshop.com/collections/candy-gifts/products/vegetable-candy