21: The Christmas Goat, Nervous Elves and Holigay Romance

Hey there my holigay elves! We’ve got another fun filled episode for you! We’ll discuss Finland’s Christmas Goat, Mrs. Claus cooks up a cookie topping treat, Ned has his naughtiest gift yet, Mrs. Nesbitt reviews “Where the Lovelight Gleams“, and we will see if “A Very Retail Christmas ” is a classic or not so classic Christmas special. And just a little reminder, our show is not for younger listeners as we may use some language and discuss adult themes that could definitely land us on the naughty list.

Show links:

Mrs. Nesbitt’s Book Review:

Kiera Andrews “Gay Romance Holiday Collection”

Ned’s Items:

Grope on a Rope

Our Classic or Not So Classic Special Review:

A Very Retail Christmas