Gabbing with Gayson

About the Podcast

Grab your favorite beverage and join our host Gayson as he gabs with his friends! Openly gay and bored during the 2020 quarantine, Gayson (or as his friends just call him — Jason) created this podcast to chat with friends about life, joy, being in quarantine, TV shows, Malibu Rum, Golden Girls, Christmas, He-Man, ghosts, our LGBTQIA2+ community, and more!

Each episode Gayson is joined by a special Guestie Bestie Co-Host, and you never know what they’ll discuss (no matter how much he tries to plan ahead). One thing is sure though: every episode is filled with laughs, moments of joy, and lots of things to think about! 

Latest Episodes

  • 17: Apartment Woes, Kristin’s Babies Update, and Ask Gayson
    Hey Gabbers! We are wrapping up the month with our own Queen of September Guestie Bestie Kristin (She/Her). Join her and Gayson (He/Him) as the gab about Gayson's apartment repairs and Kristin shares the first nine months of her babies' lives. We learn about their time in the hospital, coming home, therapies, and the best […]
  • 16: Gabbing with ChatGPT, The “BER” Months and New Voicemail
    Hey Gabbers! We are officially in the “BER” months. Join Gayson (he/him) as he gabs about “The Circle,” the “BER” months, our new voicemail and he gabs with ChatGPT (they/them) about AI tech, compliments, show descriptions and more! Get those cocktails and mocktails ready for an all new gabfest! Leave us a voicemail at our […]
  • 15: Ketamine Treatments, Gayson’s New Crush, and more Clue
    Back to school? More like back to Gayson! Join Gayson (he/him) and the return of Guestie Bestie Kace (they/them) as they catch up and gab about Clue: The Movie: The Play, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Gayson's newest TV Crush, Kace's journey into ketamine treatments, ketamine's therapeutic value, and so much more! Get those cocktails […]

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