Keeping the Yuletide Gay

About the Podcast

Join Santa’s favorite Holi-gay host Gayson, as he talks with guests about everything Christmas related including drag queen Christmas Carol’s crafts, recipes from Mrs. Claus herself, bad gift suggestions from Naughty Ned the elf, and more! Filled with festive fun facts and reviews of classic (or not so classic) Christmas specials, Keeping the Yuletide Gay is always a sleigh-bell jinglin’ good time!

Take a listen today, as Gayson and his gang of misfits put the mess in Christmas!

Latest Episodes

  • 47: Happy LEON Day!!!
    Hello my holigay elves and HAPPY LEON DAY! That's right we are officially halfway to Christmas on June 25th!! Join Mrs. Claus as she makes a quick tasty fruity treat for you! Don't forget we will be back with a brand new season in September!!! And just a little reminder, our show is not for […]
  • 46: The Little Boy Santa Claus Forgot, Christmas Cards and Gumdrop Gemstones
    Hello my holigay elves! It seems like we were just starting our season and now we are at our season finale! On this episode we'll learn about those paper holiday hellos we love, Mrs Claus has an after holiday treat, and old man winter has a melancholy melody!   And just a little reminder, our show […]
  • 45: Yes Virginia and Santa Claus the Original Hippie
    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! It's finally here! Join Gayson, Mrs. Claus, and Old Man Winter each have a gift for you, from the famous response to Virginia O'Hanlon's letter, to Mrs. C's Bourbon Milk, to finding out that Santa Claus may have been the Original Hippie! And just a little reminder, our show is not for younger […]

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