12: The Toilet Paper Game, The Liquid Death Enema & The Mystery Box Returns

GAYSON'S BIRTHDAY MONTH CONTINUES!!!! Join Gayson (he/him) and Guestie Bestie Peter (he/him) as they celebrate Gayson's Birthday gabbing about the toilet paper game, Peter's newest cocktail creation, Gayson's wishlist, Liquid Death Merch and enemas, Peter's Mystery Box returns and so much more. Get those cocktails and mocktails ready for an all new slightly more drunken gabfest!

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Liquid Death Merch

Dominic the Donkey Holigay Songday Gabbing with Gayson Episode

Céline Dion – O Holy Night

Sarah McLachlan – Song For A Winter's Night
Steve Abbruzzi – Dominc the Donkey

All Things Gayson

⁠⁠Gayson's Amazon Wishlist⁠⁠

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