16: Gabbing with Guesti Besti Co-Host Kristin

Welcome to Episode 16 Gabbers! Join me and this episode’s Guesti Besti Co-Host Kristin as we deal with some audio issues, gab about more Malibu, listeners around the world, how to become the Nexti Guesti Besti Co-Host, Safe Zone Training, using correct pronouns, conversing with homophobes, racism, a triple feature of “Whatcha’ Been Binging Besti?”, and doggie snores! So grab your Malibu and settle down for a good ole fashioned gab session! Don’t forget, we are asking you to write in to gabbingwithgayson@gmail.com or go to anchor.fm/gabbingwithgayson to tell us your encounters with the paranormal for our upcoming Halloween Shows!