26: The Single People’s Awareness Day 2023 Special

Welcome back to our second Single People’s Awareness Day Special Gabbers! We are back to celebrate our favorite non-VD related holigay on February 14th! So grab your cocktail and candy, and join us as Gasyon tries Diet Coke-cane, tells us some bad dating stories from Reddit, reviews the first two episodes of “For the Love of DILFS,” and so much more. Get ready for a good ole fashioned VD free gabfest!

Show Notes:

2023 Valentine’s Day Facts – Gifts, Money & More

For the Love of DILFs Trailer

My Bloody Valentine (1981) Trailer

Hell Night Trailer

My Funny Valentine Hal McIntyre and Ruth Gaylor

Hal McIntyre and His Orchestra “Sentimental Journey: The Singles Collection 1942-48 Album on Amazon

Love Stinks

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